About us

“Res no és art si no procedeix de la natura”

Nothing is art if it does not come from nature. Antoni Gaudi.

Following in the footsteps of the world’s greatest artists and architects, at Aixo, we are inspired by the city of Barcelona. We select the very best coffee beans from around the world in order to produce unique, memorable blends of coffee to savour. From your morning wake-up to your lunchtime digestif, Aixo will invigorate and inspire you.

Who are we?

Originally we started a wine subscription in 2018 called The Grape Reserve, a wine subscription that focuses on the origin story of each wine.

Aixo coffee is an Anglo-Catalan coffee venture founded after our most recent visit to Barcelona. Sitting in the streets of El Born, sipping espressos we realised how great it would be to complement our wine subscription with a new coffee subscription and online shop.

We named our first 3 blends after our favourite areas of the city, El Born, Barceloneta, and Tibidabo. All are available as part of a subscription or to buy in the shop.