Coffee subscriptions

Roasted in the UK,
Inspired by Barcelona

Coffee subscriptions

The Aixo coffee subscription brings you 'barista-grade' coffee every month direct to your door.

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Roasted in the UK, but inspired by Barcelona, we're sure you'll love our coffee. Have a favourite style? Then get this delivered weekly, fortnightly, monthly, it's completely up to you!

Up for an adventure? Then try our discovery subscription where we cycle through a different coffee each month. With each cup, you'll learn more about different brewing techniques, coffee origins, and more.

How do subscriptions work?


Select your coffee

Choose how much, and how frequently you want your coffee deliveries.

Free UK shipping


Manage your subscription

Add to your subscription, pause or cancel whenever you'd like using your online account.

Flexible subscriptions



Sip freshly ground coffee at home, discovering new tastes and blends.

Tasty adventures

Purchase a subscription

Our subscriptions are flexible, start, pause, cancel at any time.

1. Select your grind size


Grind your beans at home


Perfect for espresso / moka


Perfect for cafetiere / filter

2. Select your coffee


Receive a rotating blend every time


Chocolate → Cherry → Herbal

El Born

Orange → Almond → Cocoa


Caramel → Hazel → Nougat

3. Select the size

250g bag


1kg bag


4. Select the frequency

Every week

Every 2 weeks

Every month

Every 2 months

Frequently asked questions

We've answered some commonly asked questions below, but feel free to contact us if you want to ask us anything else.