Posted on 16 July, 2023

Top coffee subscription services in the UK

Welcome, coffee lovers! Have you ever thought about the convenience of having your favourite coffee beans delivered to your doorstep every month? In this digital age, UK-based coffee subscription services are brewing up a storm, ensuring you never run out of your caffeine fix. In this blog post, we explore the top coffee subscription services in the UK, their unique propositions, and how to select the best for you.

The Concept of Coffee Subscription Services

What is a Coffee Subscription Service?

A coffee subscription service, simply put, is a recurring delivery of freshly roasted coffee straight to your door. This means no more last-minute dashes to the grocery store when you realise you’ve run out of coffee. Whether you crave artisanal blends, single-origin beans, or speciality roasts, these subscriptions cater to every coffee whim you might have.

Why Coffee Subscriptions?

There are a few compelling reasons to try a coffee subscription. First, the convenience factor – no more running out of coffee or forgetting to restock. Second, you can explore a plethora of coffee varieties, curated by experts from around the globe. And last but not least, your coffee is always fresh, which undoubtedly translates to better-tasting brews.

What to Look for in a Coffee Subscription Service

Variety of Coffees

The best coffee subscriptions offer a wide variety of beans to please your palate. From dark roasts to light roasts, and blends to single-origin beans, diversity is key.

Customisation Options

Does the service allow you to customise your subscription? The frequency of delivery, volume of coffee, and ability to match your specific taste preferences are important aspects to consider.

Sustainability Practices

Coffee lovers today care not just about taste, but also about sustainability. Check if the subscription service uses environmentally friendly packaging, sources beans from Fair Trade and organic farms, and follows sustainable business practices.

Top Coffee Subscription Services in the UK

We’ve handpicked some of the best coffee subscription services available in the UK, based on customer reviews, coffee variety, customisation options, and sustainability practices.

Aixo Coffee

Aixo coffee is roasted in the UK, but inspired by the city of Barcelona. The website is super user-friendly and easy to navigate. Enjoy a steady supply of freshly roasted ‘barista-grade’ coffee beans (whole or ground). Aixo also makes for an ideal gift for coffee enthusiasts in your life. A convenient voucher that you can pass on makes it a gift that keeps on giving.

Rave Coffee

Rave Coffee’s slogan is ‘no jargon, no BS, just great coffee, made simple.’ Widen your coffee knowledge by tailoring its subscriptions to your taste preferences. Exclusive new coffees from around the world each month.

Pact Coffee

Pact Coffee say they have a flavour profile for everyone. From chocolate to fruity and floral notes. Different roast profiles too suiting multiple tastes. Up to 200 unique speciality coffees are available over the course of a year.

Beans Coffee Club

Beans Coffee Club allow you to take a quiz to be matched to coffees based on your tastes. Then once subscribers, receive freshly roasted coffee at a frequency to suit you, in letterbox and eco-friendly packaging. Rate and review to refine what you’re sent next time.

Batch Coffee

Batch Coffee offer curated fortnightly or monthly boxes that showcase the best speciality coffee from around the world. Receive 2 different bags each month from different independent UK roasters.

Origin Coffee Roasters

Origin was founded in 2004 as an independent speciality coffee roaster with an ethos to source incredible coffee through a sustainable approach. Origin is one of the longest-standing speciality coffee roasters in the UK and offers many of their coffees as part of a subscription.


Hasbean offer a range of super rare collections alongside their regular signature blends as part of their subscription. They state they hand-pick exceptional single origin every week and that they roast coffee fresh to order.

Caravan Coffee Roasters

Caravan offers a free gift with your first order from their freshly roasted coffee subscription. Plus they include products from their favourite brands, alongside exclusive on-going perks and discounts.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Coffee Subscription Service

While all the coffee subscription services mentioned offer unique experiences, it’s essential to choose one that best fits your taste preferences, coffee-drinking habits, and commitment to sustainability. Remember, coffee is not just a drink, but an experience to be savoured.

Final Thoughts

Coffee subscription services are changing the way we enjoy our beloved brew. So, why wait? Today, embark on a caffeinated journey and discover new flavours, roast profiles, and origins with a coffee subscription. It’s time to elevate your morning ritual and savour the convenience and diversity a coffee subscription service offers. Happy brewing!

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